Application for assistance in attending an “Outward Bound” or similar course

(With support from The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust, Warwick, and The Warwick Relief in Need Charity)

Messrs, Moore & Tibbits, Solicitors
34 High Street,
Warwick, CV34 4BE

Please note: Applicants must reside in the Town of Warwick, i.e. postcode CV34

Names and addresses of two persons who have agreed to act as referees, who may be contacted

Requests for assistance exceed the charity’s resources. When the trustees ae unable to meet requests in full or in part, they are unable to enter further discussions.


I am fully aware of the date, place and nature of the course/project which my dependant has chosen in consultation with myself, and agree that he/she may attend and also seek sponsorship by the Charity in regard of the fees.

I understand that although the charity will sponsor the full cost of the course, it is normally expected that the parent/guardian will pay a deposit of £100 which will be refunded on completion of the course.

I confirm that if the Charity pays the necessary fees, and subsequently the applicant fails to take up the place reserved without good or proper reason, then I will be responsible for all such fees paid by the charity which are not recoverable.

I understand that the Charity is the financial sponsor only, and cannot be held responsible in any way for any injuries or losses however incurred consequent upon participation in this course/project.

Please return the completed form to:
C E R Houghton, Clerk to the Trustees, Warwick Apprenticing Charities, 34 High Street, Warwick, CV34 4BE

The Warwick Apprenticing Charities incorporate the Charities of Sir Thomas Puckering – 1636, John Hadley – 1702, Richard Lane – 1723, Sir Thomas Delves – 1727 and George Webb – 1733.