Outward Bound

The Warwick Apprenticing Charities proudly works alongside the Outward Bound Trust and can help fund students who wish to pursue the fantastic opportunities the trust provides.

The Outward Bound Trust was founded in 1941 and has since grown to become one of the UK’s most prolific outdoor pursuit charities. The aim of the trust is to help young people from all walks of life to develop and flourish. The educational charity is supported by generous donors and uses adventurous outdoor challenges to encourage young people to step outside their comfort zones, stretch their learning, make new friends and think differently. The ultimate ambition of the charity is to provide young people with the confidence and life skills to go on and prosper in the next stage of their careers, whether this be in work, via an apprenticeship or at college or university. You can read more about the Outward Bound Trust and its fantastic work with young people here.