What we do

At The Warwick Apprenticing Charities we are able to provide grants to students wishing to pursue further education once they have left school. We work with young people, with a maximum age of 25 and that live in the parish of Warwick (CV34), to help them broaden their life experiences and skill sets ahead of seeking employment. We can help with costs towards a variety of further educational pursuits including apprenticeships, college or university.

We also sponsor the Outward Bound 5 or 7 day Adventure Courses which take place during the summer and these are specifically aimed at 13 – 15 year olds and 16 – 17 year olds. During the course, students will be encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, learn new skills and make new friends while tackling a series of outdoor pursuits. The aim of the course is to inspire a new way of thinking that will allow students to find clarity on their ambitions and life aspirations and provide them with the skills and motivation to take the next step to making this a reality. You can read more about the Outward Bound 5 or 7 day Adventure Courses here.



A nice example of how we help


Dear Mr Houghton and Mr Brown,

I’m writing to thank and update you on how well my first year at University went thanks to the help of the Warwick Apprenticing Charities.

Your assistance helped to pay for my yearly Bus pass which got me to and from Uni where I passed my first year achieving:

With the support of the Warwick apprenticing charities, I also paid the membership fees for the many societies I joined over the last year. These included; Politics Society, Econ Society, Pool and Snooker Society and Poker Society. My involvement in these societies allowed me to meet new people and have multiple friendship groups since joining university which really helped me with the settling in process. My proudest achievement at university so far came as a result of my involvement in the Politics Football team this year where I became the only fresher to land a role on the club committee as the Social Media Secretary, where I run the clubs account @uolpoliticsfc on instagram. As far as performance on the pitch is concerned, our 1st team finished in 7th place in the 1st devision and our 2nd team side also finished in 7th in their first season for the club, competing in the UoL 2nd devision of campus league.

Without to your contribution to my first year of university I doubt I would’ve had the financial freedom to explore all of the societies and opportunities they provided and for that I am really thankful for the backing of the Warwick apprenticing charities.

 I’ve attached some relevant pictures to share how much I’ve enjoyed my university experience so far and hope that my second year is just as fun!

  1. Politics Fc Lads after our 8-1 win against engineering
  2. Pool and Pizza Social for Pool Society
  3. My unfurnished uni room when I moved in
  4. Some of the football lads and I representing at the politics ball
  5. My flatmates and I at crazy golf for my Birthday
  6. Another friendship group that I met in Halls
  7. the only actual photo I have of my room unfortunately
  8. A few of the Econ boys and I at the Economics Ball

Once again I’d like to thank yourselves and the Warwick apprenticing charities for your contribution to my First year at University.